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Whitepaper: How manufacturing companies can benefit from the transformational power of blockchain


New whitepaper explores the transformational benefits blockchain will have for the manufacturing industry

The whitepaper entitled 'How manufacturing companies can benefit from the transformational power of blockchain' is available for download using the form featured on the left hand-side of this page. 

Blockchain shared ledger technology could deliver major advances in the manufacturing sector, leading to smarter supply chains and more efficient Internet of Things-based architectures, according to the findings of a whitepaper written by global, digital comms agency Technical Associates Group (TAG). The whitepaper looks at the historical development of blockchain, analyses recent advances in the technology and assesses a variety of revealing use cases in industrial settings.

The development of blockchain - a tamper-proof digital technology used to record transactions between business partners or to store data – is causing huge excitement in the manufacturing sector. It could deliver an effective means of controlling intellectual property, ensuring that inventors receive the financial rewards that they deserve. It could also lead to smarter supply chains, enabling firms to track the progress of materials and payments as goods make their way around the world. Blockchain could also play a vital role in the Internet of Things by allowing the more effective monitoring of manufacturing facilities, ensuring that machine-to-machine payments are settled in real-time.

“The emergence of blockchain - a decentralised, tamper-proof digital database of transactions – holds true transformational potential in the manufacturing sector,” said Lee Hibbert, industry analyst at TAG and the author of the whitepaper. “The technology could be really powerful in cases where multiple parties share data and these actions need to be recorded. That opens up opportunities in the supply chain, and in cases where firms are looking to establish business models based around the Internet of Things. Blockchain could be a real game-changer for manufacturers, and huge organisations such as Airbus and Daimler are already establishing use cases.”


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